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The Automotive Support Agency (ASA) is a registered brand of the Wolfsburg AG. The Wolfsburg AG is a structural developer for the business location Wolfsburg. As a project service provider, the ASA is primarily active for the global automotive supplier industry.

Automotive Support Agency

It’s all about digitalisation. Only our support stays analogue.

Creating proximity, establishing connections and therefore not only simplifying processes, but also establishing new, meaningful cooperations. This is our goal and a distinguishing feature. With our strong network and comprehensive support, we are the engine for your automotive projects.

The Automotive Support Agency networks partners and producers in terms of content and location. The support is technically and methodically competent. We forge cooperations between all partners. You can benefit from our many years of cooperation with the Volkswagen Group and its suppliers too.

We are a registered brand of the Wolfsburg AG. The joint venture of the city of Wolfsburg and the Volkswagen AG develops structures for a strong and innovative business location. This includes settlement projects for suppliers of the automotive industry, the organization of the „international suppliers' fair“ (IZB) and the development and piloting of the field of digital mobility.

Cooperation partners

Future needs experience

We are more than experts. We are your reliable, direct partner for successful automotive projects. Whether it’s project strategy, market entry, structuring and implementation of qualification measures or supplier development - we accompany Volkswagen AG in its projects and suppliers on their way to become a series supplier. For companies in other industries, we optimize projects and processes by adapting the proven standards of the automotive world.

The majority of our experts and partners have many years of professional experience within the Volkswagen Group.

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